Remote Citrix XenApp session

Has anyone used SimpleHelp with XenApp, i.e. connect to the XenApp session and not the host computer? SimpleHelp is install on the server but it, maybe obviously, connects to the console (which can be handy).

I do have the SimpleHelp service installed on the host computers but it gets rather confused with dual screens - probably due to the way XenApp handles dual screens.

Considering the way that Xenapp works, I don’t believe there’s a way to do that. The RDCs that occur use only the interfaces of the application and doesn’t take the desktop into consideration. Why not just use the Director and shadow the session?

My client has a very old XenApp install and shadowing just doesn’t seem to work - and the install is end of life so no support :frowning:

BOO! Haha. Well I’m a CTX admin - and shadowing works well. I just have a SH client running on a box that solely performs the shadowing session for us.

Sorry I’m not of more help.

I’ll have another go - I used to use shadowing a lot in a previous life when we had a 200 user XenApp infrastructure. I might have been doing something wrong as it’s five years since I last dabbled.

We shadow directly from the Director console. What version of XA are you running?