Select multiple machines with shift and arrow

I am unable to hold the shift key and arrow and select more than 4-5 machines at a time. This has been this way for awhile. A long time ago I had no problem being able to hold the shift key and select as many machines as I needed to. Does anyone else have this issue?

I am not having that issue on 5.2.14. Not seen it on earlier versions and I do use it a lot to run tools

We are not having this issue in our setup, but may help to know…
What version of SH?
What is your OS?
Can you duplicate the issue on another computer in Technician?
Are you selecting from the “All Machines”, or within a different group?

Latest version of SH. Happens from a Windows or Mac client. Here is a quick video of hat happens when I try to select multiple machines.

@Kevin_Dillon - yes, we have the same issue, i’ve just assumed that it’s from the list constantly refreshing. Annoying sometimes when we are trying to select a bunch of machines to have the update, but otherwise it’s not too common that we select machines that way.

Have you tried clicking on the first item, move to the last item HOLD down shift and click it?

you can also “group” select by clicking the group heading, or a “click & drag” over the desired machines method.
Selecting machines one-off machines in different groups, use CTRL

Wow that is super annoying. Sorry, never seen that happen. Just double checked that doesn’t happen on my install. Version 5.3.7 I use it a lot. That would really annoy me.