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A cool tool would be the ability to switch to high power profile to prevent the pc from becoming dormant, especially during long sessions or of we are busy doing something else. Don’t even know if someone already made it?


I actually just added something like this to my “interactive” toolbox the other day!

Download this little utility caffeine:
It runs in the system tray and keeps the computer awake.
Then make a toolbox tool, add caffeine64.exe as a resource, and have it execute the command: cmd.exe /c start caffeine64.exe


I have a simple batch script to get rid of all sleep options.
I would like to make this more advanced with powershell and capture the current settings so I can put them back if need be. But for now this works for me.

REM Disabling all Sleep Parameters

@echo on

powercfg /x -hibernate-timeout-ac 0

powercfg /x -hibernate-timeout-dc 0

powercfg /x -disk-timeout-ac 0

powercfg /x -disk-timeout-dc 0

powercfg /x -monitor-timeout-ac 0

powercfg /x -monitor-timeout-dc 0

Powercfg /x -standby-timeout-ac 0

powercfg /x -standby-timeout-dc 0


Sorry Marco I meant to tag you. for my last post. But you can do this with windows using the powercfg command like i did to disable all sleep parameters.

create a tool with batch file and use the powercfg command. Use list and query to see if they have a high power profile. then use . change to switch to it.
If you dont see one using list and query you can always make a new profile as well. The ms document I linked will show you more.

|/list, /L|Lists all power schemes.
|/query, /Q|Displays the contents of a power scheme.|
|/change, /X|Modifies a setting value in the current power scheme.|


Have some new toolboxes I thought I would share.
Some might have duplicate tools, but the toolboxes have been updated. And I finally found a good script for fixing windows updates by mashing a bunch of scripts together. I organized it the best I could.

Bitlocker tools:

Domain and local user tools:

Eventlog tools:

domain trust tools:

Windows Update Toolbox:


Just came across an eventlog I needed so I created another tool for the eventlog tool box.
Powershell script to get the reason why a computer rebooted or shutdown and who did it.

ServerUtilsAskTech(Customer Input Form,How Many Days to check)

$time = (Get-Date) - (New-TimeSpan -Day ServerUtilsAskTech(Days,int,3,required))
Write "System Logs: "
Get-WinEvent -FilterHashtable @{logname=‘system’; id=41,1074,6006,6008; starttime=$time}| Format-List


New ToolBox’s to share with everyone. Ran into a unique couple of scenarios . Had to flush all computer dns and server dns to get a change done instantly instead of waiting for timeouts.

Also had to change the resolution on a ton of computers at once because a program someone ran had a bug and changed the resolution and didnt change it back.

So here are the toolboxes I created for them.
DNS Server and Client Toolbox:

Flush client cache dns
Flush server cache dns
Backup server dns
Restore Server dns

Screen Resolution Toolbox:

Get Current resolution for all monitors
Get Available Resolution for Primary Monitor
Force Change resolution to MAX available.
-note. You can change the resolution to a specific type. You can look at the example batch file added.
With simplehelp version 5.11 you now have the ability to download the tools from the toolbox so you can view and edit them.

**EDIT: I forgot to include source of the executable being used in the toolbox. **
*Re-uploaded ScreenResolutionToolbox with notes.
This toolbox uses a tool from 12NOON
Display Changer is free for personal and educational use. If you’d like to use it in a commercial environment (e.g., to release with a product you sell, to release with a product you use internally, or to manage company computers), you must purchase a commercial license. In brief, a commercial license entitles your company to unlimited use of Display Changer.


Got another Toolbox to share. I wanted an easy way to quickly check my clients Active Directory Health. Just to make sure every things ok. So I came up with this after several mistakes and lots of copy paste code from around the internet. I tried to cover as much as I could.
Note: Tools must be ran on a domain controller. dcdiag.exe also required.

Acitve Directoy Health Check Toolbox:

Check AD Replication Links On Domain Controller
Check AD Replication Partners on Domain Controller
Check AD Health Status of Domain Controller
NTDS status
NetLogon Status
Replications Status
AD Services Running Status
Advertising Status
FSMOCheck Status


This is super helpful! Thanks!


Anyone a tool for silently updating to the latest Windows 10 build ie 2009. I see Darrell you have a windows update one which works great for that purpose, but doesnt update build version.


Here you go: (exported tool is shared via OneDrive)

This script will go out and silently install the latest Windows 10 build. The user will see a notice that they need to reboot their computer after the process completes.


Excellent Tony. Cheers for that. Just tested on a 1903 build and it updated to 2004. A 2004 system however said it was the latest version. No biggy at the minute as only looking to update 1903 systems.

Thanks again


All you need to do is open the script, at the top of the script it checks the build number. Right now it says 2004, change that to what ever build you want to install.


Thx for Sharing
The NTP batch script - w32tm /resync returns access denied errors when running in SH Toolbox.
Assume it is because tools run in terminal mode as System account, not as local Admin user?
If I run scripts as elevated Admin CMD.EXE, no issues
Are you able to run these in SH with toolbox tool?


Hoping to see if anyone else can use this NTP Toolbox for SH with Access Denied issues, or is it just me.
If I use SH Tool with batch script to “w32tm /query /status” - No issues/errors
So may indeed be a UAC issue of some kind?

May need to do this below, but have not tried yet.
Suggested fix from outside google search: Open the local group policy editor to ensure that the SERVICE account has the User Right Assignment for “Impersonate a Client After Authentication”.
(Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Setting\Local Policies\User Right Assignment)


Are you using the script with the access service? The access service should be running as a system user and have access.

If you are running as a client, make sure the client is elevated as an admin.


Thanks for your prompt rely Darrell

I assume I am using the access Service and is running as System user.
Issue occurs even if I select any Domain Joined Windows 10 device, and connect in Terminal Mode
Then manually run commands, I get the same access denied like I see when running as Tool.

Can you try the same following commands in terminal mode connection
w32tm /query /source
w32tm /resync /rediscover
Both of the above return for me
"The following error occurred: Access is denied. (0x80070005)

I should have been clearer, the access denied is occurring for all our domain joined client devices. For majority of our clients with no local AD Server, the same commands below return the following error which I understand and not a problem.
“The following error occurred: The service has not been started. (0x80070426)”


So I started testing this. Looks like something may have changed in Windows 10?
I get the same error as well.

Wondering if it was a security patch , UAC change or something.

I havnt had a lot of time, but I wonder if you use a local administrator on the machine and run it as admin. something like:
Start-Process “w32tm /query /source” -Verb runAs Administrator


Anyone have a toolbox for tools like chkdisk /r ?

I’ve tried but it’s requiring an interactive response since the drive it locked?

Also looking for something that would clear temp files for all users. Thanks!


For chkdisk I would use the powershell command. There is a good write-up here:

I can’t find my temp files script but this one looks useful: