Shared toolboxes

My colleagues and i want to share scripts and tools within the toolboxes so that we all have equal access, so that if one of us needs to update or tweak something, it is then reflected to all technicians next time they run the script from the toolbox.
How can this be made possible?

You can share to be imported but that means they will then manage their own toolbox. Changes to their toolbox will not reflect automatically on yours. Please check this link:

Thanks Joao, I had read that, but i was hoping that someone may have found another way of using a “central repository toolbox”. Or maybe it could be a feature for a future release.

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It’s not a perfect solution, but what if you created a technician that had virtually no permissions except to manage the toolbox, and then create a shared toolbox in that technician’s SH logon and share it to all. If someone wanted to make a change they would logon to that user in SH technician, make the change, and then all would have it. So basically treat it like a shared logon that doesn’t have access to anything else.

… not perfect, but may be better until a different solution can be presented.

That’s pretty much what we were looking at doing.
Just a fully shared toolbox section. even if each tech retained their own, would be easier.

Realy we need have option share toolboxes with permission view(use), edit, delete.

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Best way to get that feature added in the future is to go here:
And on the form, choose feature request.