5.2.6 Technician tool & MacOS Update 2020-03-24

So, not entirely sure which is at fault here. Updated SH to 5.2.6 (Linux Server) today and installed the security update for 10.14.6 that Apple released today on my Macbook.

Now, I find I cannot type in SH remote access sessions. Doesn’t look like text echoing is happening either (bottom left corner of the window).

Anyone else?

Did a little more testing with my own technician account and the default admin account. It appears I can now type if I have the tabbed interface enabled. I had disabled it in previous interfaces because it behaved a little weird.

In the same console session, if I disable the tabbed interface, I loose the ability to type again.

I can confirm this issue is happening to us as well. Enabling the tabbed session feature fixes the issue. I have already submitted a ticket with support