5.2 release not quite working with multiple screens

If I try to pop out the two windows for two screens, one of them seems to not always allow me control. Anybody else having that issue? That’s using this button at the bottom of the screen when you press the ‘select monitor’ button: 2020-02-08_16-11-01

Also I thought there was meant to be a feature to have file transfer and remote control in two separate windows, and I can’t seem to work out if this is possible or not.

I can confirm it’s not working for me either as of Sept. 2020… I’m running 5.2.11, clicking that button just seems to focuses to a single screen.

I would have expected an option to snap a remote display off into a new window so it could be dragged to a local screen and resized/made full screen - maybe we’re missing something?


I feel dumb. I have been using simpehelp for years and never realized this was a thing !

Definitely submit it to support so they can look into it. They don’t actively monitor the forums as its just for the community to help each other.

I know they are working on 5.3 right now so definitely submit a feature request now and a help request.