5.3.6 possible major blocking issues

We have a problem with 5.3.6. I’m OK (so far…!). I use a Mac and a PC and I have no problem getting onto all the clients I’ve tried. But my colleague uses a PC and he has trouble getting onto most (but not all) clients. It connects, but after 15 seconds or so it goes unresponsive. Sometimes it says session ended, or just can’t click on anything. It does sometimes register mouse clicks according to the person on the machine, but at our end we don’t get any screen refreshes.

Is downgrading to 5.3.5 simply a matter of installing the executable? Are there any caveats?

Same here. I have a ticket in with SH. Some systems work fine but most do not

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They’re looking into it, having received a few reports of the same problem. Or at least similar problems.

There’s a new update 5.3.7, which sounds like it may fix the problem.

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Yes…To confirm 5.3.7 fixes the issue for me. So far