5.5.1 Linux issue

Linux terminal console no longer working after upgrading to 5.5.1.
It brings up a bash terminal by default with a black screen and a solid cursor with no prompt. This would happen occasionally on previous versions and we could reconnect a few times and fix it. Now there is no fixing.
These are running Ubuntu 22.04 latest updates with no gui, console only.

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Not sure it your having this same issue but changing WayLand=false resolved our issue.

$ sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

enabled the line WaylandEnable=false

reboot computer or restart GDM3 Ununtu desktop
$ sudo systemctl restart gdm3

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I’m able to connect to x11 clients graphically. On demand clients with Wayland worked although I haven’t tested it recently. Never had any luck with Wayland persistent clients. Can’t test it right now because I did the fix that Jerry mentioned on all of them a while back. I couldn’t type into the console as Samuel mentioned but it seems to be working today.

I have one machine that the mouse location isn’t accurate which is frustrating. I have to guess the mouse position as the actual pointer is roughly 2" up and left of my screen. They probably have customized their pointer but I can’t tell until I go on site.

I can confirm this as well with 5.5.1. I have a bunch of Ubuntu 22.04 server boxes out there (console only) and they have the same symptoms…black screen with solid cursor and no prompt. The GDM fix in this thread does not apply since we are using console only. I will report back if I find a fix

Some interesting info to add. Toolboxes still work fine, ie if we write out a script that does what we were trying to accomplish in console, we can see the script running and processing just fine. This leads me to believe it’s something in the new console setup in 5.5.1 with the new console options.

I got an email from someone at netxinc.com regarding this post, asking for server logs and saying to just email them in the future . I see nothing on the simple-help website regarding this company. Is there any more information on this?

Never heard of them.

I can confirm that 5.5.2 resolved the headless Linux issues I was having. All works as expected.

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