5.5 Troubleshooting

Upgraded to 5.5 when it came out and I am having some trouble.

  • Opening the technician console on Linux doesn’t remember the window size or placement. It will open full screen and then resize itself to a small box. I have to resize the window and the partitions so I can read it. Same result on multiple machines.

  • Alerts quit working. I put certain machines into a sub machine group to email when they go offline. I redid the rules to test and it doesn’t work. The filter looks like ‘Remote Machine Offline if machineGroups contains Status Alert’. Didn’t get an alert when a customer connected on demand either. I get 2FA emails so it is able to send. Would be nice if it could be filtered by tags too.

  • I saw this addressed elsewhere but having to reconnect every time I try to lock/unlock a Windows machine is time consuming.

Thanks for your help.

Contact support. Also, check the 5.5.1 release notes. Email issue may have been fixed in 5.5.1

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Been on 5.5.1 for a bit and it works great. Alerts are flowing and interacting with machines is super fast. Thanks for the tip.

Wish the tech console would remember its placement like 5.4 :slight_smile: