Access client - multiple machine groups

Hey everyone,

Stupid question - is it possible for an Access machine to be a member of multiple machine groups?

The machine groups seem to be kind of OU-like, and a machine can only be in one machine group at a time.

I’m currently building out my alerts, and say I want to monitor Sage services - if multiple groups were possible I could just pop any machine across my clients into a Sage group, and configure the alerts to only apply to members of the Sage group, rather than handpicking a dozen machines individually.

I’m sure this can be achieved using Custom Machine Properties - but wanted to make sure that I’m not being a total idiot and confirm that membership of multiple groups isn’t possible, because that would be easier to configure and also see at-a-glance what machines have this group membership.

Yes I would use the custom properties as well. What I also have done in the past for monitoring if any remote office PCs have gone offline is just to put the characters ”[S]” after a PC name, and then set a rule to monitor them. For example ”anthony PC [S]” - I guess you could do the same with sage PCs you need to monitor.

A side note - the upcoming v5.3 will allow you to tag machines to provide arbitrary groupings. You can also filter by tag, making it easier to specify alerting and monitoring machine targets.

Have you get a estimated date for 5.3, and is 5.2.12 coming first?

Thank you both for the replies, exciting times ahead!