Alert notifications

Hi All,

Quick question about alerts. This might be by design but I thought I’d check

If I setup an alert for disk space filtered over a set of machines and set to email when triggered. When the alert is triggered I just get a single email with one machines details on (I set the details in the trigger action). Even though it’s triggered for 8 machines which show in SimpleHelp under triggered alerts.

Should I get an email for each machine that’s triggered or is how it’s working by design?

Many thanks in advance

I opened a ticket in the same thing a couple of weeks ago. This is actually a restriction they have in place to avoid users from accidentally sending thousands of emails. They said they were working sending an email on each machine status change but then if we get them too regularly (100 in a few seconds) they will batch them up and send them in one email.

Thanks Mike, did you get any kind of time frame? If not i’ll split some of the notifications to separate alerts, so we get individual emails for the time being. Assuming that works ok

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No, I didn’t but I changed the “Action to take” from email to “Run a Command”. This allowed me to use blat utility to send out the email message on each machine status change. Works very well!


Thanks Mike, that’s a great solution, thanks for sharing, i’ll give that a go

Kind regards

Anytime! Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks!