Alerts have dissapeared

I am or pretty much was sold on Simple Help. Love that it is self hosted. But after finally configuring several different Alerts yesterday today when I logged in they are all gone. I have 7 days left of my trial. At first I thought it had expired and I’d lost some functions. Any ideas?

I rebooted the Digital Ocean droplet and my alerts reappeared…

And now the next morning the Alerts are gone… so I lost monitoring overnight.

That can only be something with the OS. What OS are you running on that machine? I’ve been using simplehelp since 2005 and had no trouble at all. I’ve a dedicated machine for SH and is running on top of ubuntu server 16.04. Started with 14.04 and has been upgraded till now without any issues, both SH and ubuntu. At this moment I’ve the latest release and no issues at all. I understand that it can only be related to the specific machine. Please give me more info and I’ll do mt best to help!


It Ubuntu on a droplet. I just ran the latest update and rebooted. The diagnostic on the Simple Help Setup are read OK. It’s all ok now, if anything changes I’ll post. Thanks for the reply.

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