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Alerts & Monitoring Examples


Hi Guys,

Can anyone provide some examples of alerts and monitoring you have setup that are useful. At the minute we only have 1 setup to alert if a server is offline for more than 15 minutes.


I have an alert that checks to see if Bitdefender Antivirus is working/installedI do it by checking to see if the service is installed and running.


Another one for S.M.A.R.T disk failure.


I also have these 2 so I know if a server goes offline for some reason. And if someone fails to login to my simplehelp server so I can ban hammer the IP if need be.


@Darrell_Swafford I did not know we could alert on failed logins. I set this up, but my technician notifications are not working, but email notifications do. Do you have technician alerts set up for this by chance and if so are they working?


Yes I do. And they are working, Just tested to double check. Make sure they are set to active in the top right-hand corner.