Alerts time format

Hi! After setting up the alert for Offline servers warnings, all works great besides the fact that from the time field ${timeMS} we receive Time: 1557209253996, We’d like to have minutes and seconds too.
Is there anything we are missing?

Hi Joao, thanks for coming to the community and posting :slight_smile:

${timeMS} is actually the time of the event in milliseconds so would include accuracy down beyond the second level although I appreciate it is not necessarily easy to convert this to a real world time.

${date} and ${time} are are alternatives that give you a more human readable format.

${date} would I think give you something like:


and ${time} would give you (hours:mins:seconds):


Thanks! That explained it! Got it done.

Awesome :slight_smile: if there are any variables you think would be useful that we don’t have then let us know!

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