Android SimpleHelp app

What’s the current state of the SimpleHelp Android app? I’ve just installed it on my mobile. I can’t use a connection code as my server isn’t on port 80 as that’s used for other services - it’s on port 8008. But I can’t use server address either. The START SUPPORT SESSION just goes red.

When I look on the server configuration, it says that it needs an SSL certificate. I might be able to get one of those generated with LetsEncrypt.

I have same question, I am tending to resolve with other more immediate tools if one I have has an overly hyperbolic learning curve. Right now I am on 5.4.8, I am waiting on 5.5 to update.
when I go into the mobile session I have two issues:
A valid SSL certificate must be configured
One or more required TLS cyphers must be included.

I really wouldn’t want to lose access to legacy devices, there are too many of them.

If I configure a valid SSL certificate will I be able to keep the old clients?
if I choose a TLS cyphers (which? there are so many) will I have issues with established legacy clients?

Has anyone had any luck with the mobile app? I may consider getting a separate license/product and pay a monthly fee if I can’t be sure while enabling support for mobile I don’t cut off old established clients.

Any thoughts? Comments?

Android app works great. Its display only, so no interacting with the phone itself like clicking. or running apps.

Later versions of SimpleHelp select the TLS cyphers for you automatically. It does so on upgrade as well. You can change them as you like. Your prefrences will keep.

Valid SSL cert is required. Not hard to setup, either on your own or with lets encrypt.
Your legacy client will still connect without issue. The ssl cert isn’t used for Simplehelp Communication/encryption with remote access clients. Just keep the same ports. The ssl cert is only for the webpage and the android/ios app.

Forgot to add the link to the security guide and explanation:

Thank you Darrell. I follow your posts and I usually try to login here once a week.
I already found a mobile alternative that works for me where I can take full control of the phone once the owner allows.

I have too many elderly clients that simply can’t operate a mobile phone, whether is age or their ability to follow instructions. It works, it’s obviously a cloud based option with a monthly fee but right now simplehelp can’t provide what I need.

I came to the conclusion that I need the right tool for the right job. I will always obviously keep an eye on simple-help mobile app for future uses or needs.

I understand. I wish we could control the phone instead of just viewing only. Maybe in the future. What are you using? I have used Teamviewer for mobile phones, but never looked into anything else. I fortunately do not need it but maybe once a year :stuck_out_tongue: