Anyone have Wake-On-LAN working

Over the years I’ve revisited WoL about once a year and never get it working in any scenario much less with SimpleHelp. Is anyone successfully using it with SimpleHelp and if so can they share any tips?

Thanks in advance

I can never get it to work. Always have to drive to the location to wake up the machine or use the remote power cycle if the machine has one. WAKE-ON LAN has never worked.

I just make sure I turn off the put HD’s to sleep in power options.

Wake on Lan works great, but you have to have the machine configured and you must have another machine on the same network segment that is already on.

If you dont have any machines that are already powered up, and on the same subnet as the machine thats off, it will not work.

Thanks - I’ll look into getting it working inside my own LAN first. I’ve used utilities that are supposed to help but nothing I tried in the past worked.

The only issue I ever have is if the PC is shut down by the user, but overall I use it quite a bit, in most cases successfully.

WOL typically has to be enabled in the bios first.