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Anyone use SimpleHelp Integration API with Connectwise?


Love a integration if possible to extract the SimpleHelp Machine details, and link them into Connectwise Hardware Configuration for our client base. All the data is there in SimpleHelp, just need a way to link it into ConnectWise Manage PSA.
This is details I would love in CW
Happy to consult with anyone that may have already done this ? Even if just a export out of SimpleHelp and import to Connectwise Manage on Adhoc basis may suffice for now.


I’m looking though similar workflows… I’ve considered Syncro but not don’t want to give up SH for Splashtop. All that to say, ticket would be awesome but I need to get my billing under control and even with the exports from SH I’m spending far too much time on calculating billing overages ect. I was hoping someone would have a solution but I’m coming up empty if I want to stay with SH.


You might just try using the export feature and then build an import to import things manually. All you need to do is select the device you want to export and then click the export button at the top of the screen. I hope this helps.