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Automated Server Log Rotation


As of the upcoming maintenance release to 5.1 the SimpleHelp server will rotate all logs.

The server currently logs all data from the current run into a timestamped folder within the ‘logs’ folder. If the log file hits 1GB then it starts a new log file and closes connections to the previous one to allow it to be deleted if necessary.

As of the upcoming relese the server will:

  • On startup delete older log folders (runs) if they have accrued beyond a given limit
  • Delete older log files within the current run if they accrue beyond a given limit

In the maintenance release (probably 5.1.5) the limits will be set to a default to avoid the need for additional translations but in the next minor release (5.2) we plan to have UI in the admin tab to allow configuration of the limits.

The sum total of this is that, like the client applications, the server will not build up logs beyond the specified limits, and, although it will allow for manual deletion, this won’t be a requirement.

Log folder large size

5.1.5 is now available: