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Automatic backup of server configuration?


This would be a nice feature to build into the SH server, but has anyone created a script to perform a daily backup of their SH server?



I don’t have a script per se, but a program that runs weekly that grabs the configuration folder. It compresses and encrypts it, then places a copy on a local server and cloud provider.


That would work. May I trouble you to share some details? Thank you.


My Favorite program so far has been cloudberry/msp360. But any program will work.
As long as you backup the configuration folder you should be good. I have restored multiple times and have not had a problem.


I dunno why I didn’t think of that. Thank you!


In the /opt folder is the

This does exactly what you want.

Make a copy of the script and then remove the download parts

You can run that as a cron job daily or weekly or however often you change your config