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Automatic client updates?


A question - do the clients update themselves? I’ve just been trying to diagnose the problem reported in my other post. I powered up my test VM which had the v5.3 client on there. I then tried to connect to it from v5.4.3 which doesn’t work. First attempt just said “Connecting”. Second attempt said “Updating” but that never completed. I manually ran autorestart and it upgraded and now shows as v5.4 (why doesn’t it report the full version number)?

But I thought I’d try and repeat it, so I reverted the VM back to the snapshot before and powered it up. But on the console, where I expected to see the “Restart required” icon like this:


It shows the green icon, i.e. it had automatically updated.


BTW - what does “Restart Required” actually mean? Does it mean that an update has been downloaded but the computer needs to be restarted? Or just the service? Is that what Auto Restart does?


Once again, answering my own question for the record. Yes, the client does auto-update when a new version is available on the server. If the client is already running when this update is downloaded, it will show as “Restart Required”. Three things will cause it to switch to the new version: restarting the computer, restarting the service or using “Auto Restart” which I assume does the same as restarting the service.


Yes, restarting the service starts using the updated client. Also, running Remote Access Configure also seems to restart the service and switch to new version.


Or hit the “Auto Restart” button.