AVG doesn't allow interaction

For the last couple years I have noticed an issue but I keep forgetting to investigate to find a solution. My problem is this:

During remote sessions AVG doesn’t allow interaction with any of it’s applications (the primary window, web tuneup, or the AVG secure browser for example). If somehow I click on one of it’s windows, the ability to type or click on anything stops until a new session is started or I use CTRL-ALT-DEL to interrupt it. Then I can resume interaction with anything else until I try to close one of it’s windows or click something within one.

I have tried adding the folder for Simpleservices to the exceptions but it didn’t help.

Have you tried turning on “Use SLOWER comprehensive capture” for that session? It is under the tools on the top right corner.

It resolved several issues like this that we’ve had with different programs.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have it turned on by default. Honestly it has been too long since this setting was originally established so I can’t recall if I had issues that compelled me to set it this way.

The issue is only a problem if the computer has AVG programs installed. Any time any attempt to interact with AVG’s programs or pop-up windows suddenly deactivates the mouse and keyboard control. The only ways to restore them that I have found is to either restart the session or to send a Windows login in signal. Either one isn’t a sufficient remedy if one of their windows is already open because I cannot minimize, close or interact with them at all. If the AVG secure browser, for example, is open with a substantial portion of the desktop covered it can easily “capture” the mouse and largely disable remote support because I can’t deal with it and I can’t get rid of it. If I don’t have physical access to the computer in question, I am left having to have a person on-site assist with closing or hiding the program or rebooting the machine to try to avoid it. Obviously, this also eliminates being able to use their programs which would normally be part of supporting the remote computers which use their products.