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Azure AD Authentication (noted in 5.0.10 release) ?!?


Soooooo the release notes way back on the 5.0.10 (12/2017) version of simple help release notes: “Added support for Azure Active Directory authentication”.

@George_Christelis @gchristelis Am I missing something? There really only seems to be local, LDAP, and RADIUS for auth. Did this get pulled?



For email OAUth?


I was excited by these release notes too, because SimpleHelp is one of the only applications we use that doesn’t support Azure AD. However, they don’t really support Azure AD auth, they only support LDAP which is an unsecure and legacy authentication system.

I really wish they’d implement SAML logins, like nearly every other provider has done, including TeamViewer which is one of their major competitors.

Hopefully on their roadmap in the short-term because this is almost becoming a reason to switch products in a security conscious environment. I’m getting major push back from management.


Secure LDAP has been available within SImpleHelp for quite some time, I want to say from early in v4 releases. I get that SAML has some advantages (more than a few), but authentication does not necessarily remove the need to query content from a directory server. If you need to query LDAP, enforce secure access. Enterprise version of SimpleHelp also does Radius Authentication (I admit to not using this myself) which you could use as an alternate secure mechanism that allows for you to have a more flexible authentication setup.


@Stuart_James based on the anti-consumer practices being rolled out by TeamViewer at the moment (, I would probably look at alternatives even if it ticks all of the boxes for security.


Not the point I as making Max


If you believe Secure LDAP is in anyway comparable to the industry standard Azure AD SAML connections with Azure App registrations, then I guess that will suffice for you. It doesn’t for us, and doesn’t comply with our security policies. I’ve managed to get away with it for a while, but with so many cyber hacks recently, I’m getting pressure from above. So I guess it’s either on the Simple-Help roadmap sometime this year or I start looking at other products and end my 12 year association with Simple-Help.

Not a threat, just the way it is. I have to comply with the policies set and Simple-Help doesn’t do that.