Azure cloud migration

We are thinking about migrating the server to Azure. I see that others have been successful. I was interested in the data transfer that others have witnessed in terms of monthly costs. What is the outbound data transfer like? Under the 5GB included? Anything to watch out for?


We have been running our Simple Help server in Azure for the last couple of years. See image below last months running costs. Never really goes over £75. The server is a Standard B2ms (2 vcpus, 8 GiB memory) but I am sure it could run on a lesser spec server without problems.


How many endpoints and technicians do you have? We just pay for a 4 CPU VPS from - £20 or so for the VPS and £9 for backup. Our simplehelp has about 500 endpoints and a 3-technician licence.

We have an Azure B2s (2 vcpus, 4GiB RAM). About 400 endpoints, 6 licenses. Never an issue with any kind of performance. Been getting frequent peaks of license use due to covid isolation of our techs.

Oh yes and we have 4GB RAM. We only have 2-3 techs, running most of the time with 2. We occasionally run into problems with not enough licences.