Black Screen with Window Server and Linux Ubuntu Hosts

I have done 3 installations, 1 with the beta version 5.2 Beta 5 in linux ubuntu 18.04 LTS, 1 with the latest production version 5.1.8 on linux ubuntu 18.04 and in windows server 2019 datacenter edition with production version 5.1.8. The target systems, three of them, 1 for each server instance, windows server 2019 datacenter edition. Client running Technician are all Windows 10 ver 1909. I have disabled all the software firewalls on the servers, and the targets, and since the SimpleHelp servers and targets are hosted by Google Cloud Platform I have allowed ingress to all target all IPs and TCP/UDP protocols.

Connection work e.g. they report that all is well, I can transfer files etc… But my only problem is that I see a black screen in every case.

I must be missing something very basic. Any ideas of where I should be looking or in your experience do you know what the issue is?

Any help would be really helpful. SimpleHelp support was not helpful just gave me some very basic pointer like ports (which i had already documented as being open and verified).

I have several clients who would love to use this product but from what I can tell from my evaluation it does not work as configured.

UPDATE Feb 23, 2020:
On the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) there is an option for VMs that host Windows:

“Display device
Turn on a display device if you want to use screen capturing and recording tools.
Turn on display device”

with a check box. This enables the Video emulation hardware. This enables the features that remote control software programs need in order to frame capture the screens.

This was not only a problem with SimpleHelp but with other remote control programs as well.

This Enable Device feature is a feature of windows that may not be present. For more information take a look at the GCP article: Enabling Virtual Displays on Instances

I hope this helps. If you have any question please reply to this post

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Can you try disabling hardware acceleration? In my experience it’s always something related to the graphic driver.