Branding options and pic

I’ve been using Ammyy Admin for years, love the speed. Now I’m looking for something antivirus programs are a little less unhappy with. Testing SH right now, seems very nice with a lot of features. One thing I haven’t found is a way to change the application icon for the program (not the web page, but the app). My company name is Tec Support and I’ve had clients looking for the “big red T” on their desktop for many years when they needed me. I’d like to stay with the same icon for the shortcut I’ll place on their desktop to the download. It looks a little cheesy for me to make a folder, put the downloaded exe and an icon file into the folder, then make a shortcut to the desktop.

Speaking of download, I couldn’t find the difference between Remote Support and Full Installer (other than 10 times larger file). They both appear to do the same thing, though I had expected the Full Installer to put the app in a folder and make shortcuts (with a big red T!).

Also having an issue with the technician graphic. The chat pic looks not so great and the header pic looks horrendous.

I tried 800x800

and 135x135

Looking forward to learning the program and making it work for me. Thanks.


Sent invite to customer with Norton installed, her text to me saying Norton blocked SimpleHelp. Have you submitted something to Norton to show you aren’t making bad software?

I submitted to Norton as a false positive.

Hey Ted. You will probably need to open a support ticket. The community pages are pretty new and mostly for us to share ideas with each other. Support ticket will get you a response from the devs.

I dont know about the icon, and havent had a problem with the graphics like you described. sorry.

SimpleHelp has been a great program and the devs are great to work with as well. Very responsive with support and feature requests.


As long as I’m documenting I’ll post I submitted to Avast also.

The devs responded to my ticket, the graphic needed to be reduced to 16x16, very low resolution.