Bulk move computers to another group?

So one of our techs tried to change the name under a main group which included a lot of sub groups. So we are having to manually add each machine back to its proper group.

Is there a way to do this in bulk? I see the configure button is not there when selecting more than one machine.

Screenshots attached below.


I tend to change the config using the configure machine button for one machine and then drop and drag the rest of the machines into that corrected group. Alternative if you have a business license you could use a tool box job and change your config in mass :wink: - be careful though.

Rename PC Simple Help Name to Host Name - Alerts and Toolboxes - SimpleHelp Community (simple-help.com)


WOW! lol I feel so dumb for not trying that.

You just saved me hours and hours of work.

Thank you very much!