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Can someone testing SimpleHelp get on this forum?


Can someone who hasn’t purchased SimpleHelp get on this forum? I was hesitant to particpate in a recent thread not knowing the answer to that question.

If yes, I think there should be a walled off forum for actual customers.


You just did :grinning:
Sure, ask/contribute away.
A walled off for customers won’t help with the marketing of the product


Agree that a walled off forum doesn’t help marketing. On the other hand this product is very security sensitive target and it would be nice to be able to go to a secure forum and communicate registered user to registered user.


Hi Doug,

You are right regarding posting security related issues on an open forum, however, security by obscurity is not a defense strategy (in my view)

What is even more important is the fact that this is a closed source software, even even more than that, even the logs are encrypted ( some of the users on this form understand why :wink:)

I am very concerned myself with the inability to identify if anyone has a backdoor to “my server” or “remote access” clients, and this is the main reason I chose to use a server that I can self host, and add some additional layers of security on top

Now, back to your point, disclosing security issues (responsibly) will “force” the product owners to address them faster because of the commercial impact, but a secure - customer only mailing list or forum is not a bad idea - but here’s no guarantee that info will stay secure.
Your original message was to generic for anyone to assume you were referring to security issues