Cannot Customize Invitations

Hi there!

I’m new with running/using SimpleHelp, so please excuse the ignorance. I would like to customize the email invite that gets sent out when sending a standard invitation. I’ve copied the Templates/Invitations folder from the /lib folder to the /configuration folder. And I’ve edited the two templates (invitation_quick_email, invitation_support_email) but I continue to get emails that are based on some template that I cannot find.

Any thoughts on this?


Check your custom invitations. you may have one thats acting as default. Delete any not in use.
Directions here:

Seems you already found this, but I will leave this here as well.
How to configure the invitations:

Hope this helps. Other then that I am not sure. You will need to send in a ticket to support for help as the community forums are not monitored by the devs and are just for us to help each other and share ideas.