Caps Lock - Earliest to Latest Simple Help Release


I’ve noticed an issue since the much earlier releases of Simple Help which appears to still be there today on the most recent version where the CAPS key doesn’t send correctly to the client. I’m not sure if its due to lost window focus when minimising remote support sessions or that the Simple Help Technician Console just becomes confused. I find that Simple Help still registers by the way of a label flashing up to say I’ve chosen CAPS but it doesn’t always display capitals when typing. The only work around I have found from the very beginning is to switch on the keyboard menu between “local key” and “local text”. Alternatively to write the password on my tech laptop and copy and paste it using the send clipboard option “not secure”.

I’ve noticed this on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 tech laptops running Simple Help Technician and with different laptops. It can be somewhat frustrating when trying to enter a password on a server. Has anyone else experienced this issue or is it just me :thinking:?


Did you ever hear back from the developers on this issue? I emailed them about a year ago about this and they emailed me back asking for some log information. That was the last I ever heard back from them on this issue which has never been resolved.

I believe and this is a guess, but that the problem may be to do with ISO keyboards or UK keyboards because the developers were not aware of this problem and could not replicate their side and they are probably using Ansi keyboards. This might be the cause for you?

I still have this problem. I have to always use the shift key to type anything in Capitals as the Caps lock has never worked for me! I find using the map local text typed to remote not much good for me as the keystrokes was noticeable slower than the default keystroke option.

I hope that they can resolve this problem as it’s very frustrating. It’s not just you! :grinning: