Change Port # for all computers

I did not have access to port 443 before and now I want to change all devices to use that port. I guess old devices would still need to connect to the old port and get changed over?

Any suggestions on how to do this? Also the domain they connect to is old and needs to be updated. I have few hundred machines so doing this manually won’t be an option.

this is my method:
while accessing the old devices add a new server address like https://your
if you have the business edition your can select multiple devices using the migrate option.

We need to server to listen on both the old port and the new port to transfer over all the endpoints.

You can have simplehelp listen on multiple ports and have more then one server entry on the client
Like Daniel said, its easy to migrate with the Buisness version because you can do multiple machines at once. Select all machine. Click the gear add your server with the new port. Its just another entry. Your keeping both ports running at the same time.

Another way to do it is, if they are connected to AD, push out a new client install with the new configuration through AD. It will overwrite the old versionn with the old port.

If I select one, I can see the gear. If I select a bunch I don’t see the gear. Screen shot please :slight_smile:

You will need to click the migrate button.

Awesome. Thank you! Thank You!