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Changing Branding Images on Remote Access File


Hey guys/gals/other, I’ve been a user of SimpleHelp for a few years but am fairly new to the admin side.

We recently changed our company branding, we have successfully changed our branding logo over on all sides except one.

When the client-side app runs, it connects to the SimpeHelp server, at this point it shows our old logo and then once connected changes to the new logo.

I guess I’m asking where this particular one would live, my theory was the .exe file is generated by the server and at some point this applies the logo, so I’m wondering if there is a hidden section somewhere, or if we need to regenerate a new .exe file used by our clients.

Can provide screenshots etc if necessary. Thanks in advance.


Log into the technician app as an admin, go to Administration\Branding.


Thanks Allen, we have done this which has resolved it one end, but our .exe file we send to customers comes up with the old logo when connecting, do we need to regenerate the .exe file?