Chrome/Mobile Devices


Any idea if and when Chromebooks and or mobile devices will be supported? I asked this a long time ago and wanted to see if there was any progress.

There has been a pretty big surge of our clients wanting to use simple chromebooks but still require remote desktop.

It would also be great to one day be able to remote into clients phones to fix things like email settings, etc.



Don’t think its going to happen on iOS devices anytime soon due to restrictions in place in the OS.

Chromebooks would be nice. I hate busting out Chrome Remote Desktop to assist those few Chromebook users I have.

FYI: I’ve successfully loaded Technician on my Chromebook with Linux build.

The only issue I have is when I connect to a remote computer it will randomly display a few little black blocks, but it is still very functional. Much better than the …/mobile web product.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to remove the black squares that appear let me know.