Clear False Alerts?

Particularly as a new Simple-Help user testing and experimenting with alerts and the toolbox, is there a way to clear a false alert? Or even a real one? For instance, I accidentally made a test that tested the availability of a printer, and didn’t define a filter for a machine so dozens of machines triggered falsely. I feel like I must be missing something obvious.

Hi Chris,

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The alerts are run quite frequently on targeted machines and their state is fed to the server as it changes so rather than manually altering the alert state you instead want to fix the alert so the conditions are correct and the state will follow.

If you disable the alert or just edit the filters so that it correctly targets the machines you want, or delete it and start over, the triggers will clear automatically fairly quickly.



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Thanks for the reply. I had accidentally created some “false” alerts by specifying a target machine to run a ping test that could never have reached the desired device so I couldn’t fix it to clear it so it was stuck on that target… the disabling thing worked… now if I could copy one alert to a new like a template id be all set…

Thanks again.

I had an alert that triggered, and I deleted it without turning it off first. Now I have flags next to all of the computers it triggered, but I can’t see anywhere to clear the alerts. And since the alert is deleted, I can’t turn it off to clear the alerts for those machines. I guess I could go through and remove all of the machines from simple-help and add them again, but this would be a hassle.