Client command line options

I’ve submitted this ticket:
“I’ve browsed through the guides but didn’t find an answer for my question.
I support many clients regularly so I want an icon to my program on their desktop. As there’s no installer for SimpleHelp I manually place a shortcut and change the icon to the familiar icon of my old program. When the program is run I have it configured to ask for name and email. Is there a way to auto-populate those fields on the client? Modify the shortcut to pass along that information?”

Posting here just in case anyone knows.


SimpleHelp comes with an installer. We use it and easily can place a shortcut anywhere. If the need is for the application to not be always running on the background for privacy reasons, then the client has the option to start and stop the service when needed or even assign a password that you will receive when requested support. All of this is available under the installed (if installed) Remote Access Service. I hope this helps!

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Please share a link to the documentation for the installer that creates an icon on the desktop.

And yes, the desire is to not have the service running all the time. I want the instructions given to the client to be as simple as possible, preferably “double click the Tec Remote icon on your desktop” and nothing more. This is where passing along variables such as client name would be valuable. Some people I talk to once or twice a year, no reason to have a service running on their machine and passing information to my server all the time.

The installed doesn’t place the icon on the desktop but makes it available on the start menu. Because I’ve never had that need I’ve never tried that feature but I’ll look into it.

There use to be an option to leave a calling card. It was just what your describing. It left a shortcut on the desktop to the simplehelp program and would auto put them in que for your technician ID with their details filled out.
You can place the calling card and look at the shortcut details and replicate it for you needs.
Leave a Calling Card - In a support session, the technician can leave a calling card on the customer’s desktop or in their programs menu. When run, the calling card will automatically log the customer into the SimpleHelp server’s waiting queue, bypassing the need to re-enter their details.

You could also create an invitation that doesn’t expire, fill out their details and place the shortcut to it on their desktop. either an html shortcut, or download the simplehelp client from the html link and place that on their desktop.

Thank you for pointing out the Calling Card function (no “Best Name” award to who thought that up). It creates a small Executable on the desktop, which is good enough. The only thing missing is being able to customize the icon like Ammyy Admin.

Sounds like a nice option. Dont forget to submit it as a feature request.

It was one of the first things I did when I bought the program. I wanted to transition clients with the exact same icon they’ve had on their desktop for a decade.

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I wish the installer put a normal entry in the list of apps on Windows 10. It’s not good practise… makes it harder for one-off clients to uninstall.