Client install not working

We recently upgraded to the newest version of Simple Help, version 5.2.15. We use KACE to install Simple Help, as well as other software, on all of our computers. This was working fine on the previous version of Simple Help but since the upgrade it has stopped. It is no longer installing the Remote Access service. I have checked the logs and found no errors. I am able to get to the server from the clients via the server IP and install the client manually.

Might be completely unrelated, but in v5.2.15 the code signing certs and CAs were changed.
We worked a lot on validating this with various pre release versions of v5.2.15 because we were concerned some things like CarbonBlack which run on all our remote machines may have issues with the new cert chains.

I have a devil of a time with the SimpleHelp technician client with systems using Microsoft 365 InTune - the default MDM policies block the client from launching. Totally different I suspect.