Computers suddenly can't be accessed

I have ran into an issue where we have 12 computers that I cannot access from the Simple Help-console any longer. We have been able to connect to them before. No changes in network has been done.

According to the console the computers are online, but when I try to connect to them it just says “Waiting for the remote computer” then it just turns grey.

When I connect to the computer via rdp and open the “Remote access-client” it says that it has connection to my server.
I have tried to restart the service and the computer.

I’m currently running version 5.0.19 (upgrade is not an option right now) And we haven’t had this issue before.

Do you guys have any suggestions of what the problem is located?

Thanks in advance!


Maybe some kind of SSL issue? Can you tell if the time and date are correct on the group that you are having trouble with ?

Time and Data would be my guess as well. Maybe a local firewall on the pc too?
I would try removing the remote service on the machine and try installing it again. I have seen antivirus remove a file before from simplehelp doing what you described. That was awhile back though. Couldnt give you much detail now.