Concept of favourites?

Does SH have any concept of favourites? I have a handful (of 200+) machines that I frequently visit. They are currently configured under initial group based on the company. You can’t add them to two groups at once. I currently save them as saved searches but a better mechanism would be ideal.

Being able to add to two or more groups would work - I could create a favourites group and add there. Or some other mechanism?

Yep. On the left side under groups. See the Star?

Thx! I’d never spotted this icon against a computer:

Hmm but bit of a suggestion - it maintains the same tree structure so almost as many clicks as the normal tree! IMO favourites should be flat sorted by name.

Although click on the top and it does show them all on the right.

You could potentially assign a specific custom property to each machine. Since custom property values are searchable it would make it relatively straightforward to return the specific list of machines you need