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One of my clients has a Windows XP embedded “server/workstation” that has been sat at “restart required” for quite a few versions.
They don’t want replace the hardware, or upgrade the software, but how can I connect to the system without it waiting for the remote computer to be updated?

Server is currently running v5.2.9 (intent to update to v5.2.11 imminently - but doubt that would change the connection ability)


I don’t believe “Resstart Required” means you need to restart the COMPUTER. It just means the simple-help service needs to be restarted. You can do that from the technician console. Select the computer, pick the “Advanced Options and Controls (gear)”, and click “Auto-restart.” Then wait for a few minutes. That will cause the service to restart, and then the message you are seeing should go away and you should be able to connect.


I was aware it was service rather than system that needed to be restarted.
Service version reports a 5.2.7, and it won’t restart the service to update to 5.2.9 and because of that; initiating a remote connection just shows “The remote computer is updating…”

System has been rebooted, thus restarting the service, but still refuses to connect.

Sorry, I misunderstood.
I have NOT experienced the problem you are seeing. You might want to open a ticket with Simple-Help to see if they can offer an answer that would be useful.


Sounds like the service is broken. I’ve had that on a few slower machines or ones with flakey network connections. You usually need to stop it, remove it, clean out the supporting files and reinstall the RA service.

The path to the support files are listed at the bottom of this KB article.

Support got back to me pretty quickly.
The device registers through UDP, but trips up on the HTTP request, thus meaning it cannot update.

It is possible to manually patch the service to allow it to update by copying the directories from another 32bit Windows installation:

JWrapper-Remote Access-00075795284-complete

Thanks to George in Support for the help.

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