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Connection to Remote Client Display Black Screen



I am experiencing an issue where I cannot see the desktop on one of our remote clients. The display is black

I noticed in Remote Desktop Sessions the Console is in ‘Down’ status.


Our other remote clients show the current user logged in and status is active.


I have already reinstalled SimpleHelp client but the issue persists. Any suggestions or ideas why this is happening and how can I fix it?

Thank you.


There are some machines that “turn off” the video out when they do not detect a device plugged in. So if you are remoting into a headless server that may be what’s going on. (I’m only guessing though)

Is it headless?

As an alternative if you have SH on another machine there you can always setup a tunnel to hit the headless server through rdp which should work.


So one way to get around this with headless machines, is a Indirect display driver.
Parsec makes a good one.

Download install and run:

Super easy.