Cost to host on Digital Ocean?

I’m considering moving my SH server from a VM to Digital Ocean (or a similar hosting service). Can anyone that’s already doing this give me an idea of what the monthly cost is? I manage a hundred or so endpoints. Thanks!


DigitalOcean Receipt - 01-Feb-2022
Amount: $10.83

This is for Ubuntu and I’m running 864 endpoints with no issue.

Thank you! It took about 15 minutes to go from creating the droplet to having the server migrated.

I have over 1300+ endpoints and run about 10 sessions concurrently and use the $20 Digital Ocean Droplet. $10 one started having issues with multi-monitor connections. Refresh had issues. But the $20 is doing well.

Thanks. I don’t have many endpoints and no more than two sessions (myself and one customer with remote work) so I’m hoping the $5 droplet will work, otherwise I’ll bump up. Currently using the free trial and watching the stats.

I have an AWS t3a.micro instance I manage. Cost is $7.50 per month.
100 clients, 3 Concurrent Sessions.