Could Someone Give me Advice on Optimizing Remote Support Setup?

Hello there,

I am new to using Simple Help and I have been really impressed with its capabilities so far. Although; I have run into a few challenges and I am hoping to get some advice from those who are more experienced with the platform.

I run a small IT support business and we have recently started using Simple-Help for our remote support services. We manage around 50 clients; each with varying needs and technical environments.

Our goal is to streamline our support processes, improve response times, and ensure a seamless experience for our clients.

We have noticed that during peak hours, the performance of remote sessions can be a bit sluggish. Are there any settings or best practices within Simple Help that we can tweak to improve performance and stability?

I would like to customize the appearance and functionality of the client application to better reflect our brand.

What are the best ways to achieve this? Are there particular templates or resources that you recommend?

Given the sensitive nature of remote support; security is a top priority for us. What are some of the best practices within Simple Help for ensuring secure connections and protecting client data?

Any tips on configuring firewalls or using VPNs with Simple-Help?

Also; I have gone through this post: which definitely helped me out a lot.

We use a variety of tools for ticketing; invoicing; and customer management. Are there any integrations or automation tips that can help us streamline our workflow with Simple Help?

Thanks in advance for your help and assistance.

First welcome to the forums. I will be the first to admit I am no SimpleHelp expert.

I am not sure which version you are on. Version 5.5 was just released and includes some session startup and refresh speed improvements. There appears to be a couple minor glitches so I would maybe hold off until the next minor version release which I would expect to see shortly.

Regarding security, first and foremost turn on 2 factor for all technician accounts. Version 5.5 also introduces technician schedules to further restrict logins outside of “normal” operating hours.

Regarding firewalls and VPNs, there is very little needed to make this work properly. As always, change only that which is necessary.

We have found SimpleHelp clients able to connect outbound through virtually any firewall device. Corporate firewalls that block all outbound traffic simply need to open up port 80 from the client(s) to your simplehelp server IP. Port 80 is used simply for negotiating the session which is then moved to a different port and encryption is used for the actual session.

There is a forum category for alerts and toolboxes. Peruse that to see if anyone has already developed things for various ticketing, invoice, and crm systems. Alerts and Toolboxes - SimpleHelp Community

Regarding branding, there is a branding guide on the simple help website. Branding Guide

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