CPU & Memory Graph does NOT show

ref: Windows 10, latest version, works fine on all other machines

CPU & Memory Graph doesn’t show on the “i” screen and you CAN NOT connect to “Diagnostics mode” on this machine. No errors are given and everything else works fine on Simple Help, even on this machine.

NOTE: All of these graph’s and Diagnostics mode works on all other machines. We have tried reinstalling, etc and can’t figure it out.

Any Suggestions??

That’s an odd one. Not sure exactly where to begin with that. Definitely contact support as this forum is not monitored by simple-help support.

My Guess is that you have a corrupt install. You may need to uninstall the service on the machine and manually delete the files.
C:\ProgramData\JWrapper-Remote Access
C:\Program Files\SimpleHelpUtilities

After re-install make sure the service is running as system and windows wmi service is running.

Other than that I dont know.

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