Current state of Android app?

Lost track on where we’re up to with mobile apps? Are they available yet?

android app for mobile technician or mobile support & access

Technician client [adding words]

Updated to the latest version that says says that there is an android app, but when I click on the link on my phone I get redirected to with a “404 Not Found”.

I don’t need it, but was curious to see how it looked.

Based on the lack of communications from the developer on these and since they were talked about a very long time ago with no follow up.

I believe the IOS and Android (view only) clients maybe on hold.

Kind of strange, we could use them and more importantly we could use Mobile remote access client that allows remote control (like other remote access solutions) but it doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

I found this in the Apple Appstore:

Interesting that you found this I deleted my beta. And it allowed me to install. Surprised that simplehelp haven’t mentioned this. Will need to test if it works though, after testing seems to be working again

I found and tested the Android SimpleHelp app from the Google Play store here -
It does seem to work, text chat via the technician console and view only screen sharing (although it was extremely laggy in my testing). Looks like it was updated on September 27th.