Customer Reports

Does simple-help offer status reports? Our Pulseway application offers several in an easy for the client to read PDF. Which we only use Pulseway for servers and not workstations. I was wondering if Simple-Help had some sort of option for this as well or an idea on how to make something work.

This is what they are offering now


Yes, SH offers simple reporting for this. The “Machine Usage Report” should get you what you want. Thanks!

Thank you thats helpful. Maybe I can come up with a way to export the CSV info into a PDF somehow. It would be great if SH could run this on a cronjob to automate it.

I need a report automatically emailed to the customer everyday. What would it take to come up with this?

TThis is a sample report from Pulseway. Its great but we want to stay away from using Pulseway on workstations for cost reasons. We manage about 2,800 end user work stations and want to use SH as much as possible.

SimpleHelp doesn’t have that type of reporting unfortunately

I’m 100% positive you can craft a powershell report to collate all of that data since it looks to be 90% Windows data.

Just depends on if you want to make a massive recon script or not.

Thats a good idea. I did find this.

Maybe it could help others to get started.

Thanks again!

Once you get this data, what can you do with it? Anyway to import it into the notes?

Like Josh uses a Pulseway report that is automatically emailed to his clients I too do this using Solarwinds. It is the only thing keeping me glued to them. Has there been another solution developed for this yet?

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I just wish it was a bit busier in here. I guess if we all started using it more with an expectation of reasonably quick response, it would start to achieve that.

True. I am trying to check once or twice a week. Hopefully more people will start contributing. Its still fairly new though.