Default group for new computers

Is it possible to change the default group that newly added computers go into? Currently it goes into All Machines which means that if technician access is limited to a group, they can’t see the new computer until somebody with wider permissions moves into the group they can see.

I know you can with a custom install file. Not sure by default. Its probably in the config file somewhere.
Some one else might know.

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Thanks for that - need to look into a custom install anyway.

I use a powershell script to install simplehelp in our environment, using variables from the machine name I create an argument list that put the computer into the proper group for the location the machine is at.

Start-Process -filepath “.\Remote Access-windows64-offline.exe” -ArgumentList $fullarg

the argument list looks like this


You can make this simple and just have everything go into one group if you want

Start-Process -filepath “.\Remote Access-windows64-offline.exe” -ArgumentList /S /NAME=DefaultGroup/AUTODETECT /HOST=YOURSIMPLEHELPSERVER

In our setup we have a bunch of different SimpleHelp servers and quite a lot of groups to manage.

On each system we have a modified /welcome page which has a dropdown for the remote access client which allows the user to select the top level machine group it will be installed within.

The Welcome Page dropdown then just has corresponding links for each group to pass in the various attributes as per the example below. i.e. download the remoteAccess client from server A, assign group name B, add the following SimpleHelp server URLs (if it needs to talk to more than one server) etc