DigitalOcean Upgrade to Latest Simple Help Server


I have researched how to upgrade a server that’s hosted on a droplet, and it would appear the best advice is to run the script that is on the Simplehelp website.
Having limited knowledge of commands in Linux, I cant work out how to run the script.
I have so far.
Copied the script into notepad and saved as
I have Sftp into droplet and put that file into the /opt folder
I have logged in via the Droplet console and Cd into /opt
I can see the file
How to i execute the script. ?
Do I need to install Python or something?
I am logged into Console as root

Any help to get me on the right path would be appreciated.

Change the rights on the script to executable using chmod. "chmod 775 "
Then execute the script by place a “./” in front of the file name. “./”
Or run it using the shell command “sh”

Thank you Darrell, I have run the chmod command successfully, however when I run the script it errors on the first line…it says it cant cd to /opt.
I am running the file from the /opt folder.
The instructions on the website suggest the script was to be run from that directory.
Can you offer any further advice.?
Also noticed another error after the cant cd to /opt, it also says 42: Syntax error: end of file unexpected (expecting “then”)

Did you setup as simple setup or the full linux type setup
simple setup upgrade is a breeze

Hi, I am not sure.!
I had never used a droplet before so i simple followed the instructions from simple help.
As far as I am aware the only thing on the droplet is the Simple help server.
All i want to do is upgrade to the latest version.
I have the script that simple help say you need to do, but cant find a\ way to run it.!

I just ran the simple setup install (from
it allows me to check version and upgrade directly from the control panel
yes i also run a Digital Ocean droplet

Trouble is when I open the Simplehelp Simplesetup. it shows my digital ocean droplet with the correct ip,. but it will not connect, just times out.!

Looks like I needed to use the Ubuntu option in the Simplehelp Simplesetup
Thanks for your input

Glad you got it resolved. Sorry I didnt reply. :frowning:

Chris, great that you figured it out