Disabling Simplehelp Remote Printer

I have noticed since the last update (for us anyway) that now our machines with simplehelp installed have a “SimpleHelp Remote Printer” installed as well. I want to disable/remove this since we are using this product for support only and do not want our users confused with a new printer added. In some cases this is becoming the first printer that pops up when a user tries to print now.

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I just happen to be commissioning a new laptop right now and I don’t have this printer:

I’ve forced “Add printer” and still not found. It found my real network printer though.

Its for remote work sessions. Check to see if you have remote work enabled for that device.

Also select the machine and click the gear/settings from the technician console.Is remote printing selected?

If no to both of those I would contact support.

I have not and do not plan on enabling remote work on our network for our users. I have no setting anywhere I can see that allows me to disable the SimpleHelp Remote Printer. It was automatically added to every PC that we have remote access installed on (or at least seems that way based on the several dozen I have checked so far). In the device setting (gear) there is no remote printing option to select or deselect. Remote Work is the only “new” option and it is off everywhere.

Odd. Here is a screenshot. version 5.2.11

Odd I wonder if that option showed up in 5.2.11 because I’m still on 5.2.10
Here is what I have.

ah, yes. That is correct. It was updated in 5.2.11
[Minor] Remote Printing is now configurable in the Access tab on a per-machine basis.

Do you know if it configurable globally also to disable across the board?

Sorry I don’t use it.You can select a bunch of machines to run it at once. I would update and see if it fixes it though.

Thank you for the help.

So I can prevent it from installing NEW printers it seems. But other than through GPO is there a way through SimpleHelp that I am missing for removal? I can delete the printer on the PC and now make sure it doesn’t show back up, but no way I can see just just pull them off through SimpleHelp.

Ahh, no - I’ve not enabled remote working for anyone yet. Not much need in my business although I can see for a company that has mainly desktop PCs and needs staff to work from home that it would be a very useful addition.

Sorry Michael. I have no idea. Your best bet is to contact the devs through a support ticket or email.