Display Issue - 5.4.4

Is anyone else having display issues when there are 3 monitors with different ratios? 2 monitors are in landscape, and one is in portrait. When connected to the remote computer, all monitors show up fine. But when you select a monitor, a gray box appears in the top right-hand corner. I already have a support ticket opened and they said 5.4.4 would fix it. But after upgrading to 5.4.4. The issue continues.

Yes, we have this same issue. We’ve only noticed it on PC’s with monitors in more than 1 orientation (portrait and landscape). These PCs also have weird Gfx cards and 4 monitors, so I wasn’t sure if the issue was super specific to our setup. I will say that occasionally it works perfectly though. Also, when “View All” is used it always displays correctly, it just requires a lot of scrolling and zooming. This is what we’ve been doing as a work around for now. Wasn’t an issue on 5.3.8, but is an issue on 5.4.4.

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5.4.5 solved this issue