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EC2 Scheduler no longer working


Many years ago I was alerted that there was an EC2 Scheduler - I downloaded it on my SimpleHelp Technician computer and scheduled the stop at 10pm and start at 8am of my EC2 t2.micro instance. I guess my savings per month is probably about $6. I got a message from AWS mentioning that an app is using TLS 1.2 and that they are no longer accepting connection from applications using that.

I upgraded from 1.7 to 1.8 but when I go to save my schedule it alerts me I need a license. I thought perhaps it worked with a single instance without a license (which would be nice for us smaller "MSP"s).

Does anyone know of a script (perhaps powershell) to simply stop an instance and then restart at given hours?



I would recommend using the AWS CLI and your OSes task scheduler.



Thanks for the AWS CLI links. I’m struggling with it rejecting the correct credentials - looking into NetSDKCredentialsFile now.


I am curious about EC2 instance. How big is it? are you running windows?

I have a t3a.micro instance with simplehelp running linux for $8.06 a month.


It’s a t2.micro - 1GB RAM running Windows Server. I’ve got it off for 8 hours a day while I sleep :grinning:. It would cost about $20/month if I left it running.

Must be the Windows vs Linux. I purposely chose Windows as at the time I was an active Microsoft Partner. They’ve destroyed that program and I’ve been thinking about getting up to speed on Linux.


Is there an AWS SimpleHelp Linux template?


Not that I know of. But it is super easy to set up from scratch.