Email Invite Issue?

Is anyone else having issues with the email function? When I click on send an invite in the Technician Console, the box disappears and I have to restart the technician app. I’ve updated my server to the latest version, but the issue still persist. Seems that I can only use “Send a Standard Invite” only and not customized version.

Sorry. Have not had that issue. Just tried it.
Have you had SimpleHelp awhile. You may need to clear out old version of the technician client.
You can try deleting this folder and see if it helps.

C:\Users\YOURUSERHERE\AppData\Roaming\JWrapper-SimpleHelp Technician

What’s your setup? (server OS, Tec app OS)

Experienced just what you discribed yesterday while trying SimpleHelp

I’m on an Ubuntu 18.04 server running SimpleHelp Server 5.2.7 and using the Tec app on a Catalina Mac.
What I did to fix the issue :

  • in the tec App, changed the server language setting to reflect the App setting (when the problem occured the app was set to French and the server to English)
  • changed the server timezone to reflect mine (server was UTC, changed it to Europe/Paris)

Custom invites are back, I don’t know wich of the above did the trick though… :man_shrugging:t2: